How to change blogger title description font style

I think this trick is helpful for a new blog user. At the time of using simple blogger template a new blog user has faced this problem. I had also faced this problem. In the blogger simple temple there is no option to change the blogger title description font style. Here you can change only the font color. Here is given a simple tick to change the blogger title description font style:
1. sign in the blogger account
2. go to the template HTML and Click on “Expand Widget Templates
3. search the code that says (Ctrl+F):
4. Replace the bellow code:
(Note: you can change the font style whatever you want)
5. If you want to change the font size then add bellow code:
Font-size: 14px;
Like this:
(Note: you can also change the font size whatever you want)

If you need more information about font sizes related then go to:
(Here is given lots of font size option, choose your best one)

If you do it correctly, it will work. Enjoy!!!
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